Sunday 13 July 2014

Michael The Archangel

I had a conversation with an artist in Fine Art America that roughly revolved around changing the titles of Artwork.

After considering what he had to say, I offered to change the title of something I had produced if he went ahead and changed the title of his work.

In my enthusiasm to spur him on, I renamed the following work from "Thor the God of Thunder" to "Michael the Archangel".

The other person was pondering the possibility of making more sales if his work had a different title.

At the moment I am waiting for his permission to include further details of his work and extracts from the conversation.

Until he gets back in contact with me here is "Michael the Archangel."

Michael The Archangel

Conversation with a Christian:


You've named it what?

Thor the God of Thunder

But there is only one God

Well I know that

Then why are you naming it after another God?

It's not a God

Then why have you given it a title that includes the name God?

You know, you do understand the word myth?
It's not real, along with Leprechauns, Unicorns and fire belching dragons, Thor did not exist.
I wonder, do you believe in the Wicked Witch of the West and if so is there really a Yellow Brick Road?


Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

I have never been a big fan of musicals but I did like "Wandering Star" when I was younger and I have to say that when I was even younger than that Doris Day did it for me. 

Yes Sir, "We'll be home tonight by the light of the silvery moon."

What I found strange about musicals was that they would be singing away all joyful like they were all kin but often once the singing stopped they would all walk away as if they had never met each other before.

As I have grown older I have noticed fairly often that such things do occur.

The first few post of this Blog is an attempt to recreate that "Strangeness" that sadly as you get older somehow becomes less strange.


by Geordie Gardiner

A place of hope

Where predicted calamity was avoided
As the Apocalypse can be too

Turn form all wickedness
Embrace the Love of the Lord

And when the Angel of the Lord arrives
It will not be to strike down you

War and rumour of war
Greater than has ever been

Greater than the Great War
October 17 and World War Two

With Spanish fly
Around the eye

It was said,
The Apocalypse was due

But the Temple does not stand above a dome of gold
So the horror of the past is as nothing

Should you turn from the Lord
And allow it to come true

Enough Good People To Do Nothing - by - Renee Marie Martinez - Click <> HERE <> For More Information

Cross Of The Third Millennium - by - Henryk Gorecki - Click <> HERE <> For More Information

What makes the country of Iraq so sacrosand?

A cup is a cup and if I called it a teaspoon you would not know that I was talking about a cup. It is commonly thought that the Garden of Eden was in Iraq, if I gave that place a name other than its real name you would not know where the bloody hell I was talking about.

Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

Do not look at this image for too long
You might get fearful of camera shake

Потап и Настя

Dear Lord

If I could just meet a woman who could sing to me in the morning like that, she could be as ugly as sin for all I cared and I would still fall in love with her voice.

This IS art, the video is fantastic, listen the opening track, reminiscent of a hovering Heuy (backlit by a Saigon sunset) making you think, how did they shoot it?

Who is the man drawn to his final destination through a tiger trail?

Is he a soldier?

He is not a soldier
He Is An Assassin


This music was first brought to you to accompany the artwork of Russian born artist Alex Krasky in the Barack Obama Blog.

Sit back

And melt

To see the work of Alex Krasky please click  <> HERE <>

I sent the band an email asking to include the image I produced, I have still not received a reply so I regard the decisions as pending.

Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice


by Paul Hardcastle

The answer is contained within the following post:

What Does Heaven Look Like?

By Geordie Gardiner

People often ask me, what does heaven look like?

There are many opinions, few of which are based on anything found in the Bible, the Bible says little that describes heaven but often if you take a few words from the Bible and expand the meaning of those words in your mind then a picture can emerge that is astounding.

I have read of people serving long prison sentences that build great mansion in their mind in an attempt to get over the boredom of being locked in a cell all day.

Some of them go into minute detail, starting with the buying of materials and the beauty of it is that delivery is in seconds rather than days or weeks and it only rains if you want a day off and fancy sitting in a shed all day drinking tea with the builders discussing the merits of Darjeeling and Ajiri tea.

Then if at some point it gets tiresome you can say, I am sick of all this humping bricks up ladders and mixing cement, just sick it up, it’s built, I want to sort out where the staircase and the chandeliers go.

Some people claim that if they cannot sleep at night then they count sheep. I sleep easily and rarely have sleepless nights but if I am ever unable to sleep then counting sheep does not work for me because I can only ever think of Little Bo Peep and so there are never any sheep.

If I cannot sleep I think of the greatest palace of all time and we are told in the Bible that it belonged to King Solomon.

He had thousands of horses, with stables that were so good that local people wanted to live in them. It tells you so in the Bible but it tells you so in a few relatively short paragraphs. To get a picture of it all you need to expand the picture of it in your mind.

For example think of this, King Solomon had 700 wives and he also had over 300 hundred concubines, if you want to know what concubines are get yourself a dictionary or check it on the Internet.

All this information is to be found in a very few short paragraphs and the above information is basically it.

You have to expand the picture from those brief details given in the Bible, the Bible is a wonderful book. Every year lists are complied of the best selling books. The best selling war story. the best selling romance, the best selling horror story. The Bible is never included in any best selling list but the fact is that the Bible has been the best selling book every year since records began.

If you cannot sleep at night then build King Soloman’s Palace and if you happen to be locked up in prison then the building of the Palace is likely to take up a good twenty five year stretch, so many inmates will have to finish the construction after they are released.

Imagine a building that had to house over a thousand woman, with the type of surroundings that a princess would be accustomed to.

Imagine that.

Imagine the King, if he had Intimate relations every day of his life with his wives and concubines then he would see one on a particular day and it would be about three years later before he saw her again.

How’s your maths?

Check it out — 1000 divided by 365

The Bible is like that, filled with amazing stories that you need to expand in your mind.

So what does Heaven look like?

Some Christians have strange ideas, “Oh we are like wisps of air that intermingle and float around in a forever bright blue sky.”


If that were the case how is it that the lion can be seen with the lamb?


God allows the sight of lions with lambs and we his greatest creation are transformed into cloud formations?

With I suppose God sitting on you?

Expand the picture:

The disciples said to Jesus, “Lord how shall we pray?”

And the good Lord Jesus told them

The Lords Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power and the glory,
for ever and ever.


The Lords Prayer is the most recited part of the Bible, Christian all over the world know it off by heart but the problem is that even though they know it off by heart, God bless them, many of them know it parrot fashion without a true understanding of those words.

Let us look at some of those words again and then expand the picture.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done — ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

Look at the great beauty of this world, the seas. the rivers, the mountains, the trees.

You want to know what heaven looks like?

Then look about you.

It is the will of God and when His will is done the the earth will be as heaven.

There was a paradise on this earth once called The Garden of Eden in an area of the country now known as Iraq.


They say

It is just a desert, how could it be in Iraq?

The next time you fill the petrol tank in your car consider how that petrol got there.

It came from the oil fields, including offshore oil fields and all those places where oil is found where once covered by lush tropical forest.

The evidence for this is that oil (and coal) are formed by trees.

There you have it.

You want to know what heaven looks like?

Then look about you.

Let His Light Shine Through You - by - Kirt Tisdale - Click <> HERE <> For More Information

So Geordie the Kingdom of Heaven is "now", do I understand you? Right now tomorrow or another land, right here and right now, whatever one is standing? No matter what is going on? Devastaion, life lost, celebrations, a baby borr, a puppy catching a butterfly, a baby speaking his/her first words, taking his/her first step, or breath, and of course the first kiss.

Thy Kingdom come
Thy Will be done

Comment by Shane Guymon in the Medium Writers Blog

Comments in the Medium Writers Blog are on the side of the page and can be made on each sentence.


Shane Guymon

I think it’s interesting that you state that it is Iraq as if this is proven somewhere.

I’ve heard other beliefs state that the Garden of Eden existed during the time before all of the continents separated, and that the separation happened during the flood of Noah. This belief says that the Garden of Eden was actually located somewhere in the United States.

My Reply

Hello Shane thanks For your comment,

I was unable to leave a reply, it would not work so I have replied here.

Yes the Garden of End was on this earth before the continents separated. We are all guilty of repeating information that is commonly known, for example, “Who invented the electric light bulb?”

Any answer you might give to such a question is likely to be the answer that is commonly known and even people from my home town will answer Edison but I think if you research the question a little that the name Joseph Swan will crop up often in any research.

It could be that I am also guilty of repeating something that is incorrect but the fact is that the consensus of opinion (which can be wrong) claims that the Garden of Eden was in Mesopotamia.

All the best
Geordie Gardiner


For anyone interested,

Over many years I have been researching soldiers from the Sunderland area of the North East of England who were killed in the First World War and I have details on approximately 10,000 men from the town (now a city) and surrounding areas.

Mesopotamia was mapped out during the First World War and much of the area then known as Mesopotamia was renamed Iraq. The person who was influential in the mapping of the region was called Gertrude Bell, she was born in an area of Sunderland known as Washington, where George’s family were from.

It is commonly known that the average age of an American soldier killed in Viet Nam was Nineteen.

It is in fact incorrect, when Paul Hardcastle produce his music Nineteen the official statistics were available - it has been a long time since I studied the war but I know for sure it was not Nineteen.

Off the top of my head I recollect it being somewhere between twenty two and a half or twenty three and a half, but I guess tw - tw - tw-enty tuh - tuh - two an - an - and - ha - ha - half would not fit, lyrically a politically.