Wednesday 15 April 2015

Rap Trap with Carl Allan Salonen

  • New York, NY - United States

    I'm not sure why America is such a savage place. I'm sure it has something to do with paranoia but about what, is the question.

    We can be a great people. We just haven't shown it lately.

    I always thought that the America gun culture was born in the Wild West

    Something that for many was required

    And if you could not shoot straight then one could be hired

    And it just never expired


    Possibly, even though a lot have been shot dead

    Began with a "Red" under the bed

    But thank God you cannot ask Freud

    Because his answer would be void

    Of all but your mother there instead

    Rap Trap with Sydne Archambault

  • Fort Collins, CO - United States

    Why does god have to be male or female?

    Hello Sydne,

    Why does god have to be male or female?

    I suppose a god does not have to be anything in particular.

    But the God we are speaking of happens to be male.

    When Moses came down from Mount Sinai the people had created a god of sorts that they worshipped, it was in the form of a golden calf but was it male or was it female?

    Check out the images of Wall St. from my New York Photography Blog to see if they give you any ideas as to it being one or the other.

  • BTW

    I think it would have been a cow

    Let's campaign to have some teats attached

    Cows are far more valuable than Bulls

    Years of milk

    With other calves coming from

    Then years later a nice rump steak, with a cool leather jacket thrown in for good measure.

    And no waste, with the anus going into the hot dogs that you munch at the movies.

    Rap Trap with Bob Galka

  • San Diego, CA - United States

    Geordie.. I refer to my car as a he.. some refer to their car as a she.. that does not make it a fact.

    So if the writers of the bible referred to god as a he.. that also does not make it a fact.

    Is it Red, with go faster stripes?

    No.. green with 4 wheel drive ;O)

    Well at least it's not pink with fluffy dice.

    BTW do you speak French?

    No.. just English and some Spanish [ thru non use.. not so much Spanish anymore ]

    It's just that In France la voiture could not be a he, it's a she, apparently French cars purr, while le dieu is male and could not be female so at least there is one place in the world where there is less confusion, regardless of any crossover trends.

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