Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Jesus In The Garden

Jesus In The Garden by Bob Sample

Geordie's Thoughts:

I think the expression on the face of Jesus is very interesting.

I asked myself, "what is it that the sculptor is trying to convey?"

I came to the conclusion that it was exasperation.

The title I would give to the sculpture is, "Jesus listens to yet another stupid question."

See Bob Sample's work at the link:

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Anti-Suffragette Attitudes

Opposition Against The Suffragette Movement

September, 25th 1920

Approximately one hundred years ago woman on both sides of the Atlantic fought for the right to vote.

Opposition against the Suffragette movement was widespread and is well documented.

The Woman Patriot was a weekly tabloid published in the United States from April 27, 1918 to December 1932. The paper was published by the Woman’s Anti-Suffrage Association and it claimed to be Dedicated to the Defence of The Family and the State and Against Feminism and Socialism. Margaret C. Robinson and Mary Kilbreth were the editors.

Mrs. H. Riordan

Please Click On The Above Image To Open Details From The Library of Congress:

On finding that many of the Suffragettes in America had links to New York I decide to investigate further, with the idea of possibly posting information in one of my Blogs dedicated to artwork that depicts New York.

I was able to find a number of interesting photographs of the leading American Suffragettes, including a very good image of Mrs. H. Riordan, taken in New York that belonged to the George Grantham Bain Collection, which was acquired by the Library of Congress in 1948.

The photograph was taken in 1911 and shows Mrs. H. Riordan while distributing "The American Suffragette" that was produced by the National Progressive Woman Suffrage Union.

See Larger Image

Please Click The Image To See A Larger Version:

The photograph can be found for sale in a number of places on the internet and can also be found in a number of other Web pages and Blogs.

All examples of the image that I have found include the damaged area that can be seen on the right of the image, which I find to be a distraction that draws the eye away from the main point of interest.

As the image has no known restrictions on publication I thought I would attempt to see how it would look without the damaged area.

I have an HND in documentary photography and have studied Electronic Media Design at university, I have been restoring photographs and changing them to make them look funny for many years and so I find the process a lot of fun.

Once while working on an image I uncovered a subliminal message.

A Restored Example

I stated by removing all the spots, scratches and blemishes, before moving on to the main damaged area.

Most of the work on the main damaged area was produced while working at full magnification, starting with the door, then the step before moving on to the figure on the extreme right of the image.

I then worked on the man's hand cleaning the side of the shop entrance and finally began to work on the area that looks a little like a shopping bag that looks to be in the left hand of the man cleaning the side of the shop entrance.

It was while working on the final area of the photograph in full magnification that I became aware of being able to see the man's penis.

The Exposure

I believe the original photograph would have looked very close to the way the above image looks.

It is likely that the damage to the original glass negative was not accidental and that it was an attempt to cover the area in order to make sales of the photograph to newspapers and magazines that otherwise would not accept the original image.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Speaking      Of       Women      III
Yet   Another   Proposal
From   A      Local      politician

Would you marry me?


Why not?

You would make a bigamist out of me

But it's me who is married and not you

Well if you can have two husbands then I would want two wives, in fact I would have three or four.

Why would you want three or four?

I would want a little fat one to do the cooking

But she might not like it

Oh yes she would, she would love it, you know the type, nibbling at the ingredients all day. "Um Jam Roly-Poly" while taking a teaspoon to get the last of the jam from the jar

Who else would you have?

Would we live in a big house with a big garden back and front?


Then we would need a gardener, get her birthday presents pretending they are for her.

Like what?

Like a Flymo

And what would you be doing?

I'd be sitting on the patio reading the newspaper, and she would be saying, ah look at the flowers aren't they beautiful, what do think of the roses?

And I would look up briefly and say, Aye Canny

And what would be my purpose?

To check when the bed linen needs to be changed

With a reluctant smile on her face

While all the lads around and about are busting a gut

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Google      Calm

  • Wednesday, 3 June 2015

  • Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

    Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

    Speaking      Of       Women      I

    A question often asked, at least in this neck of the woods is:

    Do you think I am beautiful?

    The question is asked by those who are and those who are obviously not.

    I ask if the woman is married, if they reply, yes, then I reply:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Your husband is your beholder

    Ask him

    Speaking      Of       Women      I     I

    Another question often asked, at least in this neck of the woods is:

    Would you marry me?

    Over the last 15 year or so it is probably the question I have been asked most often by women.

    The question is not a proposal.

    It is an attempt to view the fairy tale world that a lot of woman think of that includes a tint of the other persons thoughts.

    Big House




    And Holidays

    Over many years I have become totally bored with all, to the extent that now I often answer, "Not a cat in hells chance."

    "Urrrr so, what did you think of the score of the football match over the weekend gone?"

    Thursday, 28 May 2015

    Army      Humour      I I
    Blind      Faith

    Reason leads to the scientific method: doubt, questions, intelligent guessing, testing and then truth or not truth is known Superstition leads to beliefs based on hearsay, testimony, second, third, and greater accounts, fear, wishful thinking and blind faith.



    S*** it reminds me of a nickname the regiment I was in had.

    We carried nukes, it's no longer an official secret and has not been an official secret for years. There are American Amy documents on the net that include public domain info on the regiment, which I choose not to give the URL address for.

    Should anyone from the cloak and dagger brigade ever pass this way - Two Seven Squadron.

    Anyway we called ourselves the mushrooms.

    Conversations went as follows:

    Why do they call you the mushrooms?

    Why do you think they call us the mushrooms?

    Is it because of the mushroom cloud?


    Then why do they call you the mushrooms?

    Because we are feed on shit and kept in the dark.

    I suppose it might help to add, that our officers when asked question such as, "So sir, what happens after we fire them?"

    Would answer, "You will be told on a need to know basis."

    Someone "kept in the dark" does not know what is happening.

    And all the lads thought the food that the Catering Corps served up was crap.


    I am looking for evidence of the Bible Stories... I know most of the location---- towns and cities existed.. that is not in question. It is the stories themselves.... Original source documents corroborating the stories... "Today in the news... Jesus waked on water today..."

    Didn't have newspapers back then R**, I think they used to wash their arse.

    Latest       News

    Famine, War, Pestilence, Disease - so what - Beckham had a haircut.

    Dine    With    Wine    by    Lisa    Kaiser

    Dine With Wine

    The fine art of dining usually will involve some nice glasses and a beverage enjoyed by those sharing a meal. Take time to share the joy of life by sharing a meal with this special Dine with Wine


    See you like your plonk Lisa,

    Spanish, French or California bottom rung

    Climb back where you started from

    Grab the window and then just bomb

    And in the morning bottom rung?

    Do you snore?

    If you are here via the Featured Artists Links please click Older Posts three times to see Lisa's other work in this Blog:

    Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

    Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

    Celebrating    Wrap

    Celebrating Wrap

    This artwork was made to create a wrapping paper for gift wrap that puts people in an instantly good mood.


    Life is all about struggle, motivation, comparison, competition...when that all ends, death seems like a likely result.


    Eventually Lisa

    not likely

    You will find a way out

    I'm sure


    Quick - Quick

    Quick - Quick - Slow

    Slow - Slow

    Slow - Slow - Slow


    Now you know

    Lisa Kaiser

    Kennewick, WA - United States

    Thursday, 21 May 2015

    Curse It Thoughts

    btw; do any Christians realize that when they tell someone who doesn't live their life by the words of the bible...that they are "condemned to hell"... they are actually perpetuating "mocking" with their own form of mockery against non-believers?


    Non-believers do not believe

    If I were to say, you will be cast adrift in pool of shit

    It might disturb your thought process

    But, what the hell?

    You don't believe

    Just focus your mind L*******

    Think positive thoughts

    And before long you will be floating down a stream of strawberry flavoured ice cream

    Wednesday, 29 April 2015

    High Kickers NYC by Jag

    I think it would have looked better with one on each side

    with W & K out of step - where is take two?

    I pity that poor girl on her period

    Dear me Carl - that was unexpected - full stop

    I think Dot is a school teacher standing in for Marilyn Monroe

    Dot is like the band leader and they spin in a circle on her axis

    High kickers - the lot - I bet

    Dot in fact could be Margaret Thatcher when she was young

    Y is hopeful of getting a role in Some Like It Hot

    And I would bet that E reads Superman comics

    Looking for NWORK ideas


    We Were Cool - On Christ?

    The answer to the Facebook question, Who is the best dancer?

    Obviously N, roll over and see while the music is playing

    And see if you can answer the other question


    So all I need now is **W *ORK

    See the NYC Photography Blog at the link