Tuesday 15 July 2014


Hers is a joke that gets right to the kuckle 

It is a joke by a comeden from Liverpool called Stan Boardman

During a German bombing raid over Liverpool in the Second World War Stan's bother was killed. 

Stan told loads of jokes over the years about the German Focker Wolf, even though that is it's correct name there are English speaking people who confuse Focker (correct spelling) with a similar sounding word. 

The press in Britian at the time would often ask Stand what it was he was saying and because no one could prove that he was saying anything other than Focker he was often on prime time TV*. 

The video below is of a talk show programme, which for first time he indicated that he was saying something other than Focker.

*Or as they say in Britain, Before The Watershed.

I don't normally go around correcting spelling in people's posts (even though I'm a legal editor in my day job), but you did make it a point to say Focker is the correct spelling, Geordie, and it's not. It's Fokker.

Just wanted to keep the record straight (especially since I just told a Fokker joke in the travel stories thread yesterday! ;-)

Sorry So and So.

You are incorrect - even Stan used the incorrect spelling, I promise, even though Stan sold T-shirts with the spelling Fokker on them, even Stan got it wrong, I might not be a legal editor, but for years I have been interested in Military history.


A Fokker is in fact a Dutch plane - Check it out - Fokker is Dutch

Focker is German

But Thanks all the same

Seriously, Geordie? Then I guess the company is spelling its own name wrong?!?





Check this one as well (So and So)

And though this is the German company that made the aircraft - the spelling here is Focke - but should you be bothered to check further you will find that in the past there was an R at the end


Geordie, dear, did you read the Wikipedia articles you quoted? If you did and you still maintain that Fokker was a Dutch company (rather than a company founded by a Dutch man in Germany), then there's really nothing more I can say to you. And sure, there was also a German aircraft company called Focke-Wulf. The one had nothing to do with the other. And when was there *ever* an R at the end of the Focke in Focke-Wulf? Why would there be? The name of the man who founded the company was Focke (just as Fokker is the name of the man who founded that company).

You really are stretching the bounds of credulity here.

Maybe you should join this forum, where people seem to actually know what they're talking about:


So and So,



Hello (2nd Person)

It seems So and So is blindly going around in the dark and so she cannot make out, one Fokker from the Focker.

I am sure she will find the right Focker one day, but she does not realise that the right Focker is the German Focker and not the Dutch Fokker. I can understand her dilemma. apparently she likes a good Fokker joke. So at the end of the day I can understand why she wants to make sure she has got the right Focker.

Women are like that.

Where as where most men are concerned they do not care if it is one Fokker or the other Focker

If Anyone Can Produce A Good Focker Joke I'll Post It Here
With Full Credit

BTW with the correct spellings of Fokker or Focker

No other similar sounding words accepted

Because some Fokkers can get people to pull their hair out
So get the Focker right

Tommy the Tinker from Timbuktu has just been on the line
He thinks he can do a good Focker joke

Here is the thing I don't get.

I come in and check the thread out and leave for hours and get some work done. When I comeback, hours later, the same people have been here that entire time posting crap. The same ones that were in here for hours before that also.

Then later today or tomorrow or next week the same people will be starting or joining threads whining about not selling anything. Doh!


Clean the bath and the kitchen sink and then see what happens


Should you think your mind is above those who are here

Enlighten us

Otherwise clean your next door neighbours house


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