Wednesday 29 April 2015

High Kickers NYC by Jag

I think it would have looked better with one on each side

with W & K out of step - where is take two?

I pity that poor girl on her period

Dear me Carl - that was unexpected - full stop

I think Dot is a school teacher standing in for Marilyn Monroe

Dot is like the band leader and they spin in a circle on her axis

High kickers - the lot - I bet

Dot in fact could be Margaret Thatcher when she was young

Y is hopeful of getting a role in Some Like It Hot

And I would bet that E reads Superman comics

Looking for NWORK ideas


We Were Cool - On Christ?

The answer to the Facebook question, Who is the best dancer?

Obviously N, roll over and see while the music is playing

And see if you can answer the other question


So all I need now is **W *ORK

See the NYC Photography Blog at the link

  • Tuesday 28 April 2015

    Army Humour I

    A member of my New York - New York Facebook group posted an image of Al Pacino with the following caption:

    Happy Birthday to 1 of New York's greatest actors. Al Pacino turned 75 years old yesterday.

  • I replied with the following:

    Been a lot a Wizard films at the movies over recent years - strange how he has not found an opening here or there that would keep him in hair gel.


    Very nice portrait.


    Harking back to the good old days - when there was something up his sleeve and a gun in his pocket.


    Is he smiling?


    I think he is.


    Imagine two experienced soldiers in the trenches in the First World War.


    They are telling each other stories that would normally cause them both to bust a gut.


    But they are playing a game.


    And that's the look.


    Just look at the eyes - and avoid looking at his mouth.




    They can often flow better if you can keep in your laugh.


    BTW it's a game common in the British Army and possibly also in the American Army, which I normally refused to play because the game for those playing the game is not to laugh and I could often get them to laugh.


    Subsequently I was asked if I could give an example:

    Scouse (from Liverpool) one of my best mates in the army liked to play the game and like much else in the army the humour could be very tough, dark, gallows and dry.

    Very dry, matter-of-fact with an expressionless delivery.

    Those in the regiment injured while on active service but still fit enough not to be discharged were given nicknames that were in regard to their injury, such nicknames were only ever used when speaking about the person and not to them.

    For example one of the lads had a badly burnt hand and was given the nickname "the Glove" because he was allowed to wear a black leather glove.

    Scouse loved to play the game and rarely could anyone catch him out, though he did laugh but not often when being spoken to.

    I was determined to get Scouse laughing and with laughter being infectious I did not play the game. On a number of occasions I told Scouse that one day I would have him on the deck busting a gut in laughter.

    For weeks Scouse had been referring to the Sergeant major as "Plastic Face" without me bothering to take much notice, as it was a name that was relatively mild in comparison to most.

    One day I asked, why do you call him plastic face?

    Have you not noticed?

    Noticed what?

    He's got a plastic face.

    What do you mean he's got a plastic face?

    He had half his face blown off by a bomb.

    Get out.

    He did.

    Get out.

    He did, they had to put it back together with plastic surgery.


    They did, you can tell.


    Because when he laughs one side of his lips move and the other side doesn't.


    For weeks after that I tried to get the Sergeant major to laugh. One day after speaking to the Sergeant major in his office I went into the Squadron Bar.

    I ordered a pint and told Scouse that I had been speaking to the Sergeant major and during the conversation with the Sergeant major he asked if I fancied him.

    Scouce said, what did you say?

    I replied, I told him that I would not f*** him if I was a poof and he then said, ye cheeky Geordie bastard. Then I said to him, why do you think I fancy you and he said, because you are always looking at my f***ing lips.

    Wednesday 15 April 2015

    Rap Trap with Carl Allan Salonen

  • New York, NY - United States

    I'm not sure why America is such a savage place. I'm sure it has something to do with paranoia but about what, is the question.

    We can be a great people. We just haven't shown it lately.

    I always thought that the America gun culture was born in the Wild West

    Something that for many was required

    And if you could not shoot straight then one could be hired

    And it just never expired


    Possibly, even though a lot have been shot dead

    Began with a "Red" under the bed

    But thank God you cannot ask Freud

    Because his answer would be void

    Of all but your mother there instead

    Rap Trap with Sydne Archambault

  • Fort Collins, CO - United States

    Why does god have to be male or female?

    Hello Sydne,

    Why does god have to be male or female?

    I suppose a god does not have to be anything in particular.

    But the God we are speaking of happens to be male.

    When Moses came down from Mount Sinai the people had created a god of sorts that they worshipped, it was in the form of a golden calf but was it male or was it female?

    Check out the images of Wall St. from my New York Photography Blog to see if they give you any ideas as to it being one or the other.

  • BTW

    I think it would have been a cow

    Let's campaign to have some teats attached

    Cows are far more valuable than Bulls

    Years of milk

    With other calves coming from

    Then years later a nice rump steak, with a cool leather jacket thrown in for good measure.

    And no waste, with the anus going into the hot dogs that you munch at the movies.

    Rap Trap with Bob Galka

  • San Diego, CA - United States

    Geordie.. I refer to my car as a he.. some refer to their car as a she.. that does not make it a fact.

    So if the writers of the bible referred to god as a he.. that also does not make it a fact.

    Is it Red, with go faster stripes?

    No.. green with 4 wheel drive ;O)

    Well at least it's not pink with fluffy dice.

    BTW do you speak French?

    No.. just English and some Spanish [ thru non use.. not so much Spanish anymore ]

    It's just that In France la voiture could not be a he, it's a she, apparently French cars purr, while le dieu is male and could not be female so at least there is one place in the world where there is less confusion, regardless of any crossover trends.

    One Of Bob's Early Ancestors

    See more selfies at the link