Wednesday 16 July 2014

War and Peace

If everyone in the world joined a religious organization there would be no more war, right???????????????

And if everyone in the world became an Atheist there would be more wars, wrong???????????????


You cannot Prove the non existence of something. You can only prove the existence of something.

Hi there

Ever see a Moa on the lawn?


And if anyone has seen a Moa on the lawn was it here?

Male nipples.. no I am asking.. what use were they to Adam.. why was he born with nipples?

The above question is asked because the person asking the question thinks there is no answer, that is why he asks it, in an attempt to stop you in your tracks and bamboozle you for long enough to enable their side to gather their thoughts and then better be able to attack you.

So you treat the question with the contempt it deserves, and answer it in similar way as I did below.

BUT is there an answer?

I believe there is, but the problem is that we always regard God as knowing what is going to happen before it happens. Imagine being like that. Like, dear me, I am not playing chess with him today he will only beat me but tomorrow he is not going to be feeling very well.

Is it possible to change your mind if you know what is going to happen before it happens?

The Amoeba, study it.

Then consider, was Eve an after thought?

I am willing to included writing on this subject in this Blog or a linked Blog with full credit.

The Above Thoughts Were Not Included In My Reply To The Question, Which Is Below

The English language is a beautiful language.

We take it for granted.

Nipples - Go find the German word for nipple.

(but the German word for nipple will just mean nipple but in German)

No - the German word for nipple is a combination of words and when you split those words it means, "Wart Of The Chest."

Now then, aren't you glad you have a nipple instead of a wart on your chest?

Be thankful.

Belly Buttons

Aye and appendix to you as well.

Look At The Moon

One more thing to all the Atheist that have a need to mock Jesus and people who follow him, I have always wondered and I really don't like to generalize but why do you have such a need to bash, degrade, mock,belittle,humiliate Christians? is that what is required to validate your non-belief in God that you must convince yourself by doing, saying , and acting like a total donkeys behind to give credence to your lack of belief in God. Well it does nothing for your cause to mock my religion, to try and argue your smarter than me, that you know more history,that you deffer to science, that your such and intelligent person you need no God you depend on yourself, and bla bla bla, I don't have that same need, you want to know why, because God does not force you to acknowledge him, therefore, I have no need to tear down your reason for non belief to validate why I do believe. I don't need to take cases to the supreme court to remove all possible mention of My Lords name from your view, just to keep you comfortable in your irrational,unnatural, denial of my God.I have no desire to convert you to believe in God, but don't disrespect my God, my right to my religion, and don't engage in Blasphemy! It's really the only thing God does not forgive!

The next time someone tries to indicate that a lack of intelligence is require to believe in God then just tell them to, "Look at the moon"

Look at the moon?

Yeh. just look at the moon


Most of the craters on the moon have been named after scientist, mathematicians and such people. If there where a league list of the greatest number we might start with, what is the greatest number by nationality?

How many craters up there are named after Americans?

How many craters are named after the British or the Germans?

In fact the greatest number of craters are named after Christians who also happened to be scientist and mathematicians.

With the greatest number of those Christians being Jesuit priests.

So the next time someone tells you that Christians are dumb just tell them to look at the moon.