Monday 19 January 2015


No. 1 - Airfares

1st Class or Economy?


No. 2 - Accomodation

Dosshouse, Town House, 5 Star or Rick's Bar?


No. 3 - Local Travel

On ye Bike, on a trike or a Chauffeur Driven Car?


No. 4 - Threads

What's been paid?

Tailor Made?

Or enough to get you kitted out so you don't look out of place in a cheap second hand car?


No. 5 - Food

Gourmet - you pay - or Burger and chips -

The type that when ye lick ye lips ye cannot feel them

Because the distance between the fat and your tongue is far too far?


Then after the show

Away you go

Back to the reality

Of the banality

That you will always know


Dear me

It sounds fun


I've Been Tempted

Many visitors here know I am from Sunderland and that my local football team is Sunderland AFC.

There is a football team in Kenya named Sunderland AFC Keroche, the team is sponsored by people mainly from the Sunderland and Seaham areas of the North East of England.

A few years back a number of the players of the team and people associated with the team sent me images and asked if I could do anything with them, one of those people was Buddah Jose Jairaz, the top goal scorer for Sunderland AFC Keroche.

After giving the FAA TV Competition some thought, I messaged Buddah Jose and asked if he thought it would be OK to enter the image I produced from the one he asked me to work on, I received a reply today telling me to go ahead, so here it is, 2013 A Place Odyssey.

Votes required please.

 Buddah Jose Jairaz - Facebook