Sunday 13 July 2014


by Geordie Gardiner

A place of hope

Where predicted calamity was avoided
As the Apocalypse can be too

Turn form all wickedness
Embrace the Love of the Lord

And when the Angel of the Lord arrives
It will not be to strike down you

War and rumour of war
Greater than has ever been

Greater than the Great War
October 17 and World War Two

With Spanish fly
Around the eye

It was said,
The Apocalypse was due

But the Temple does not stand above a dome of gold
So the horror of the past is as nothing

Should you turn from the Lord
And allow it to come true

Enough Good People To Do Nothing - by - Renee Marie Martinez - Click <> HERE <> For More Information

Cross Of The Third Millennium - by - Henryk Gorecki - Click <> HERE <> For More Information

What makes the country of Iraq so sacrosand?

A cup is a cup and if I called it a teaspoon you would not know that I was talking about a cup. It is commonly thought that the Garden of Eden was in Iraq, if I gave that place a name other than its real name you would not know where the bloody hell I was talking about.

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