Saturday 12 July 2014

Kyle Gray

Painting Grass In Watercolor?

Kyle Gray

Painting Grass In Watercolor?

How does one do it?

I have tried my hand at painting grass in watercolor, however it never turns out looking just 'right'.

I either end up over doing it and painting every blade, or I end up just smuggling it all over the place. My question is, for everyone that watercolors, how do you achieve painting grass?


My Reply

Hello again Kyle

If you are doing it blade by blade it could be difficult

But with a large area, well just throw a tin of paint at it.

And be done

It will keep the cows from munching your front lawn

And well you know, if Pollock can do it why not you?


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Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

Потап и Настя

Gun Control in Fine Art America

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Geordie Gardiner

I suggest a new name for individuals here - they should be known as either:

The Saturday Matinee Gun Totting Cowboys

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The Borderline Arse Bandits


Get some badges made

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Get Mario A Star badge

All the outlaws to get new avatars - showing their badges or on wanted posters


Another possible name

The Bare Arsed Bandits


Geordie Gardiner

If ye going to do it then do it right, ye set of cowboys

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Who is up for it - who wants to design the group poster?

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Rule No. I

Got To Steady Yourself Before Ye Go Round UpHolding - Get Me A Whisky


Get On The Blower To Jack Danial's And See If He Is In With Us 


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M among others told me.

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There is a discussion just on guns

I just pray that they get visited by a horde of people with a lot of spare Hare Krishna photographs that they would like to share with the world.


Now that would be fun

Those Incuded