Thursday 28 May 2015

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Blind      Faith

Reason leads to the scientific method: doubt, questions, intelligent guessing, testing and then truth or not truth is known Superstition leads to beliefs based on hearsay, testimony, second, third, and greater accounts, fear, wishful thinking and blind faith.



S*** it reminds me of a nickname the regiment I was in had.

We carried nukes, it's no longer an official secret and has not been an official secret for years. There are American Amy documents on the net that include public domain info on the regiment, which I choose not to give the URL address for.

Should anyone from the cloak and dagger brigade ever pass this way - Two Seven Squadron.

Anyway we called ourselves the mushrooms.

Conversations went as follows:

Why do they call you the mushrooms?

Why do you think they call us the mushrooms?

Is it because of the mushroom cloud?


Then why do they call you the mushrooms?

Because we are feed on shit and kept in the dark.

I suppose it might help to add, that our officers when asked question such as, "So sir, what happens after we fire them?"

Would answer, "You will be told on a need to know basis."

Someone "kept in the dark" does not know what is happening.

And all the lads thought the food that the Catering Corps served up was crap.


I am looking for evidence of the Bible Stories... I know most of the location---- towns and cities existed.. that is not in question. It is the stories themselves.... Original source documents corroborating the stories... "Today in the news... Jesus waked on water today..."

Didn't have newspapers back then R**, I think they used to wash their arse.

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Famine, War, Pestilence, Disease - so what - Beckham had a haircut.

Dine    With    Wine    by    Lisa    Kaiser

Dine With Wine

The fine art of dining usually will involve some nice glasses and a beverage enjoyed by those sharing a meal. Take time to share the joy of life by sharing a meal with this special Dine with Wine


See you like your plonk Lisa,

Spanish, French or California bottom rung

Climb back where you started from

Grab the window and then just bomb

And in the morning bottom rung?

Do you snore?

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Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

Celebrating    Wrap

Celebrating Wrap

This artwork was made to create a wrapping paper for gift wrap that puts people in an instantly good mood.


Life is all about struggle, motivation, comparison, competition...when that all ends, death seems like a likely result.


Eventually Lisa

not likely

You will find a way out

I'm sure


Quick - Quick

Quick - Quick - Slow

Slow - Slow

Slow - Slow - Slow


Now you know

Lisa Kaiser

Kennewick, WA - United States

Thursday 21 May 2015

Curse It Thoughts

btw; do any Christians realize that when they tell someone who doesn't live their life by the words of the bible...that they are "condemned to hell"... they are actually perpetuating "mocking" with their own form of mockery against non-believers?


Non-believers do not believe

If I were to say, you will be cast adrift in pool of shit

It might disturb your thought process

But, what the hell?

You don't believe

Just focus your mind L*******

Think positive thoughts

And before long you will be floating down a stream of strawberry flavoured ice cream