Sunday 13 July 2014

Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

Do not look at this image for too long
You might get fearful of camera shake

Потап и Настя

Dear Lord

If I could just meet a woman who could sing to me in the morning like that, she could be as ugly as sin for all I cared and I would still fall in love with her voice.

This IS art, the video is fantastic, listen the opening track, reminiscent of a hovering Heuy (backlit by a Saigon sunset) making you think, how did they shoot it?

Who is the man drawn to his final destination through a tiger trail?

Is he a soldier?

He is not a soldier
He Is An Assassin


This music was first brought to you to accompany the artwork of Russian born artist Alex Krasky in the Barack Obama Blog.

Sit back

And melt

To see the work of Alex Krasky please click  <> HERE <>

I sent the band an email asking to include the image I produced, I have still not received a reply so I regard the decisions as pending.

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