Tuesday 9 February 2016

Do you ever have shit on your arse?


Geordie Gardiner

I was having a drink a few weeks back in a pub in Fatfield
It was an afternoon and fairly packed
Before long the conversation got round to Christianity
And once the ball started to roll they where all ears
One of the young women asked me to say a prayer for Dave Bowie
I even had them singing hymns
I goaded them:
"If I can tell you the history of my favourite hymns will you sing them?
But only if what I have to say is interesting
If you don't find it interesting then you need not bother
What do you say"
And so with the help of YouTube I was able to get the words up on a screen
30 minutes or so later it developed into a group discussion
About politics
They wanted to know my thoughts
It became very relaxed
And in a lull a young man said:

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, whatever you want

Do you ever have shit on your arse?

Well you might construe to believe my answer is in regard to people but you would be wrong, it's not

It's not?


Then what is it about?

It's about shit?


Yeah, that's what you asked me about, you asked me about shit and not about people, so my answer would be in regard to shit.

Errrr yeah, OK,

Well do you know a soft shit?

A soft shit?

Aye you've had one before, haven't you?


A soft shit, you've had one?

Well yeah

Well you see a soft shit leaves shit on your arse. But you know a tough shit........it doesn't leave a speck ...(Laughter Form The Pub)... so it would be a waste of time me asking you the same question

What question?

Do you ever have shit on your arse?


Because you have just admitted that you do, so it would be a waste of time asking

(More Laughter Form The Pub)

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