Wednesday 15 April 2015

Rap Trap with Bob Galka

  • San Diego, CA - United States

    Geordie.. I refer to my car as a he.. some refer to their car as a she.. that does not make it a fact.

    So if the writers of the bible referred to god as a he.. that also does not make it a fact.

    Is it Red, with go faster stripes?

    No.. green with 4 wheel drive ;O)

    Well at least it's not pink with fluffy dice.

    BTW do you speak French?

    No.. just English and some Spanish [ thru non use.. not so much Spanish anymore ]

    It's just that In France la voiture could not be a he, it's a she, apparently French cars purr, while le dieu is male and could not be female so at least there is one place in the world where there is less confusion, regardless of any crossover trends.

    One Of Bob's Early Ancestors

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