Sunday 29 March 2015

What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?

  • What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?

    A question aimed at Christians as a quick way of disproving God's creation, that is asked by those who believe the question has no answer.

    Well they are wrong, there is an answer but to understand the answer you need to understand it from a Biblical point of view.

    The answer can only be one or the other and so the chicken came first, otherwise it would not have been able to sit on the egg.

    Looking At The Question From A Biblical Point Of View:

    Chickens need to lay an egg in order for the chick to hatch out from, that can be said of all creatures including humans, in order for human life to be created the female needs to have an egg.

    The size of a chicken egg is bigger than the human egg but they are both eggs all the same.

    Adam was not born from out of the belly of a woman and neither was Eve. An egg was not required as they were both created by God.

    If God did not require an egg to create Adam why should He require an egg to create a chicken?

    Adam And Eve As Depicted In Art:

    Adam and Eve are often depicted by artists with a leaf hiding their embarrassment, above the waistline of this simple adornment both Adam and Eve have been depicted throughout the ages with a body that is similar to all other humans but they were both unlike all other humans.

    An egg was not required in their creation and as they were not born from out of the belly of a woman they also did not require an umbilical cord and therefore they would not have had a belly button.

    Did Adam and Eve have a belly button and if so why, is the question that takes precedence over the now somewhat childish question, what came first the chicken of the egg?

    Produce an image of Adam and Eve without a belly button and I will include the image here:

    Thanks to Lou Ann Bagnall for allowing me to include the above image of Adam and Eve - with belly button.

    What came after the chicken laid the egg

    Boiled, fried, scrambled or Gravy?

    I tend to think it might have been a pillow

    Made by those who wish to rest in peace

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