Sunday 18 January 2015


Have you looked into the work of Anne Geddes - Having an idea of the work she produces might be an indicator of the type of work that might win. If she is a landscape photographer she is more likely to have an interest in the landscapes that are entered than say the portraits

Gina Pierson:

Her fame is actually centered around newborn pictures. I unfortunately don't have any of those.


Family life - more likely happy - outdoors I would say - not the gleaming white smiling - tooth paste type images - but almost - activity shots - the type you might see of Barack Obama and his family. - her way of dressing would suggests she is not often in gritty areas such as ghettos.

Landscapes possibly - in order not to look predictable - Street Photography not likely, She is likely to like a big sky - Texas could be in the running,

She likes her comfort - I would guess snow and ice are out of the betting,

Though snow and ice viewed from a luxury cabin with a roaring log fire I guess has its charm.

She lives in New Zealand so Wikipedia claim, so she is possibly a little more hardy than her bone structure would indicate.

She once lived in Hong Kong so big cities have a chance - what big city in America looks the most romantic? I think the winner will be American - if big cities are in the running I would say possibly the waterways of Chicago. But Paris is good outside bet,

Who are the people most likely to be in the photographs?

I am sure you can guess,

From those rough ideas do a search in FAA of Paris, Chicago and Texas and then go though photographers until you find those of a big agency - such as National Geographic - study their work - but among them I do not think there will be a winner but someone else producing work in a similar style.

Sports and outdoor activities - out

Hunting and fishing - out

Pets - out

Flowers and plants - not in a month of Sundays

Babies? - Not Likely

Ships and boats - out

Cars, trains and aeroplanes - out

Wildlife - out


But entry is free

And so enter your Teddy Bear and just wait and see

 Wallpapers by Anne Geddes

 Anne Geddes - Wikipedia

 Anne Geddes - Amazon

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